Who are we?

Our Beliefs

We are a family of climbers with over 50+ years of combined experience in the field, who noticed how the current state of climbing separates into two different groups. The recreational and the professional.


However the transition to get from one group to the other is more difficult than it needs to be. Most recreational gyms don’t provide the tools needed to get to the next level and that’s where we come in. Our gym focuses on those who want to reach their goals in the most effective way possible. By giving you the proper equipment and training needed in order to advance to the next step. Whether that’s to get to the next grade or onto the Olympic stage we can get you there.

Meet the family

We have been involved with climbing our entire lives, having a great passion for the sport and the way of life it provides.

Joseph Unitt


Lori Unitt


Spencer Unitt

Web Development / IT Coordinator

Jesse Unitt

Head Setter

Ethan Unitt

Personal Trainer